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Kansai International Academy and Sakura International School will be closed from December 12 to January 9 for winter break.
Please note that we will respond to inquiries and requests for information materials received during this period on or after January 10.
Faxes and e-mails will be received 24 hours but replies, except for emergencies, will be made on or after January 10.


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ふりがな | Hiraganarequired
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お子さまのお名前 | Child's Namerequired
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お子さまのふりがな | Child's Hiraganarequired
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名 First Name
お子さまの生年月日 | Child's Date of Birth
妊娠中の方はご出産予定日 Expected date of birth if pregnant
お子さまの性別 | Child’s Gender
さくらインターナショナルスクール・関西国際学園をお知りになったきっかけ | How did you find out about us?

■ 個人情報の取り扱いについて

■ Handling of Personal Information
Please refer to our Privacy Policy regarding the handling of personal information on the Kansai International Academy website.
We collect your personal information for the purpose of sending you information materials, sending you information about the free trial lessons, as well as for notifying you of our school's activities.
If you agree to our privacy policy, please click the "Agree and Submit" button.

Inquiries about elementary/ secondary school

To find out about application requirement and curriculum for elementary/ secondary school, please check our website. 
Please note that we do not issue hard copies.