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Special Teacher

Yoshi Tamori

Born in Hokkaido in 1962. Graduated School of Applied Physics  Tohoku University. Doctor of engineering. Researched at RIKEN, Salk Institution of Biology Science, and more. 
Currently a director of NPO corporation NeuroCreative Lab. 

During Graduate Schoo

Research on a magnetic material and creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can play Go (game) using an expert system. The PhD thesis was about self organisation of neural networks in the visual cortex. It was about how the cerebral cortex receives information to develop its own neural networks and the theory behind it. No sensational result was achieved, but the experiment on computer simulation showed the importance of having self feedback within the network for neural network development. To mathematically formulate the nerve field, we digged into the physics of the continuum that is used to formulate tensor, fluid and viscosity used in the architecture and astronomy studies. 
I found astronomy too interesting, so I considered transferring to the theoretical physics field to deepen my knowledge on Elementary particle theory and general relativity. However, my thesis passed, therefore I took the job at RIKEN as a frontier researcher. 


I was researching electrophysiology using rats and monkeys, and a research on creating mathematical theory to quantify dendritic structure. It was unusual to be involved in biology as a former Physicist and Computer science researcher, so I learned from the basics. After that, I became a PRESTO researcher at Japan Science and Technology Corporation, researching about theory of decision making based on decision making neuroscientific foundation, and I started having a habit of jumping into areas at the tip of cliffs like Don Quixote and I became ambitious making of prophets about basics of neural science. At Salk Institute of Biological Science in San Diego, I had a hard time trying to come up with an algebraic formula equivalent to qualia of some colour. However, I am still stuck with the theory of researchers deciding on equivalent value. 

Kanazawa Institute of Technology

I did a lot of research to get closer to my ambition, by measuring human brain activities using brain electromagnetic waves and by measuring human brains psychophysically.
After I resigned my job, I started researching freely doing contract research, which enabled me to focus on ImPACT research for Cabinet House, and I was able to develop a measuring device. Research I work on now is analysing the data of the foundation of a company using machine learning such as deep learning, and to predict the future value from it.


About KIA Curriculum

The lesson content of Personal Project and Elective STEM class at KIA demonstrates what we expect as a learning attitude of our next generation, and there are different opinions, but without any models,  KIA has established its own examples of education while others struggle to find their best way.
It may be more clear once you see an example from Project Themes, however currently, the closest example I can come up with is TED ( There is the base called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), however when a student finds issues that are valuable, we have them to solve those issues every time. To keep this cycle happening, they need to be looking around at all times. 
Short Presentations we do in our class are assessed differently from homeworks and tests. Therefore, students aren’t forced to share their thoughts until they feel they want to share. 
Repeating these kinds of things, they will start having a positive sense of “The universe is full of fun”. The fact that they know they live in such a fun and interesting universe, leads to a strong affirmation to live their lives. 
The main goal is to find the biggest purpose of life, “to find something interesting that you cannot wait to share your findings and understandings”, and if you can reach the goal even once in a life then you’re so lucky. 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I was a visiting researcher for a year, measuring brain activities with utterance. It was Noam Chomsky’s Lab known with a quote “America is the most evil terrorist nation”. We studied Linguistics, which is like a baby between Humanities and Computer Science. 
Looking at my path going from one field to another, without any psychological barriers, I guess my childhood growing up in a school with only few pupils during my elementary and secondary school had influenced me. 
It was a depopulated area where we had to walk 10km to school everyday even in minus 20 degrees celsius temperature during the winter, as they couldn’t even provide us with any school bus. We had education forced by the Ministry of Education (which hasn’t changed much from the Meiji period), no wonder how education collapsed with such a small group of pupils. The old-house education collapse, meant a chance to achieve the real and necessary education without an eye of the Ministry of Educations’. In my memory, our teachers ignored what they thought would harm us. You may get punished if you do the same in Japan now. 
For example, I was asked to help teach younger students, teachers and I trusted each other as we were able to discuss when I didn’t show up for a month or even when I showed up late for months, or even when I didn’t take the exams. 
To research and to inquire were my ways of learning since then.
I was always eager to share what I found out to my parents everyday. 
Looking back, I think I had such a wonderful learning environment.