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Study Abroad

At Kansai International Academy, our study abroad year begins during the second semester of the third year of junior high school. Students may have experiences of traveling abroad; they may even have the experience of doing home-stay as a study abroad student.

The experience of living overseas for a short period of time, however, is very different from living overseas for an extended period of time. It is a sensitive time in their lives, and because of this, we would like them experience a one-year, long- term study abroad program. They will be able to rediscover who they are, come into contact with the new person they are becoming, and discover new goals and personal beliefs. They will have grown thoroughly upon their return home.

The appeal of studying abroad

  • The demonstration and development of the English learned in Japan’s immersion education.
  • The meeting of various native English speakers as well as bilingual and multilingual individuals who are the same age and the ability to come in contact with different types of thinking.
  • The eye-opening experience of coming into contact with different cultures.
  • Participating in activities offered at other schools such as sports, music, art, theater.
  • Obtaining the ability to be independent and self-reliant.
  • Looking at Japan from an outside perspective, and having an opportunity to think on their identity as a Japanese person.

From the first year of junior high school, we will provide support to our students in order for them to feel confident before leaving Japan. We will help them with their school application and their admission exams. We will also organize weekly orientation throughout the term before their departure.

Study Abroad Program Countries


Canada is bountiful in nature and multicultural. Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are popular destinations for study abroad. French can also be learned depending on the school.


New Zealand

The bountiful nature and easy-going environment are full of charm. One can fully enjoy nearby outdoor experiences. New Zealand actively embraces investigative learning.



The charm of Australia is found in its beautiful weather and friendly atmosphere. Within this placid location is a high established level of education. There are also many schools that are actively embracing the Japanese language.



The world’s premier economic power.
Not only are big cities such as Los Angels, New York, Chicago available, but a variety of locations such as peaceful towns are available for study abroad.



The schools of traditional England value discipline, and there are many schools that put an emphasis not only on academics, but on sports, music, and art.



Home to many prestigious boarding schools,
one can acquire various languages and culture while surrounded by beautiful nature.


Study Abroad Support

Studying abroad center of Kansai International Academy School supports one year overseas study to be required for all students. We have networking with the public and private schools overseas cultivated by visiting them, and cooperation with local support organizations.  Therefore, we can support study abroad which is designed for not only kids, but also parents and children. Kansai International Academy School has indispensable programs for study abroad: 3 week short-trip in the primary school, 1 year long term program in the secondary school. In addition, we have summer school program and a short trip in the secondary school. We also invite overseas schools to hold presentation meetings for overseas study conditions.

The staff of the study abroad support center provide individualized consultations before study abroad and firmly supports the student as well as the family.

  1. Informational meeting

    School guidance and informational meeting provided by Kansai International Academy and selection of study abroad country and school

  2. Application

    Expression of intent to study abroad at a specific location (application)

  3. Preparing to study abroad

    Begin paperwork for visas and plane tickets after confirmation of acceptance

  4. Training

    Pre-study abroad training (culture, lifestyle)

  5. Depart

    Depart for one year of study abroad


Rugby School(UK)

Le Rosey(Switzerland)

Bishop’s College(Canada)
New Hampton(USA)

Lower Canada College(Canada)

Student Interview