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Music School

関西国際学園 さくらインターナショナルスクール

Music colors and empowers our world.
Exposure to musical instruments from an early age fosters creativity and sensitivity, and also stimulates and activates the brain.
We offer a music school so that children can enrich their lives through the enjoyment of music.


Contents 30-minute private lessons with a dedicated instructor
After class from 15:30~18:00


Students in kindergarten, elementary, secondary school at our school


Violin or Piano

Number of times

Once a week (36 times per year)


There are three times a year where students can show off their daily achievements: an ensemble at the entrance ceremony, the music recital, and at the Winter Celebration.

Lesson Content

The violin, with its beautiful tone and artistic form, can be played expressively with chords and vibrato.
There are also opportunities to play in ensembles with friends, teachers, and professional musicians, so you can learn the beauty of playing together.

The piano, which allows expression in a wide range of notes, is a comprehensive way to learn the fundamentals of music.
We may practice classical music, nursery rhymes, or even your child's favorite songs for them to enjoy.
At the recitals, students can challenge themselves to play together with their parents, siblings, and teachers.


Violin Guest Concert
Kindergarten Piano Concert
Kindergarten Violin Concert
Violin Concert G7 Student
Violin Concert G7 Student