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I remember the first time I got to know KIA is when I was in G1 and I attended a trail lesson here. I was very nervous to join the class but I received warm welcome from the classmates. Then I joined KIA since G2 and graduate in just 4 and a half years, and I experienced a lot during my time at KIA.
It was my first time staying away from family overseas when I went on the 3-week study at New Zealand which makes me very nervous before going. I found New Zealand a nice place with natural environment and beautiful air. During that three weeks, I have been through some hard time like homesick and getting sick, but my homestay family was very nice that I spent a good time with them everyday and I even felt reluctant to leave at last.

I participated in to the Student Action Committee (SAC) when I was in G4 and 5. SAC is a group of students helping to make the school a safe and nice place for all students through various activities. For example, cleaning the common area during recess time, propose to add soccer goal at playground for everyone. We also called for a meeting to resolve the food waste problem occurred during lunch serving.
The speech contest which is being organised every year was the most challenging event for me. I am not good at speaking in front of crowd and I couldn’t make it to final every year. However, I finally made it when I was in G6 which I felt much more confident in myself.

The most unforgettable memory among my elementary school life is the PYP exhibition. The topic for this year is to resolve a problem in the world by utilising an interest that we feel most passionate about. I felt difficult to relate my interest, technology, into a problem in the world. It was very challenging to come up with a central idea and think about the action in related to the theme all by ourselves. But it turns out a very good experience for me by carrying out the action like teaching the fellow students from lower grades about robotics. And with a lot of help from my mentor and homeroom teachers, I finally made it to the exhibition, I felt the sense of achievement after everything finished and I was able to express myself properly in front of people.

I spent every single day happily in this 4.5 years at the elementary school, and I am so glad to be able to make some life-time friends here. I learnt and experienced a lot with the guidance from many teachers and I hope to continue to learn happily and face many more challenges at the junior high school at KIA.