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I starting schooling at KIA since I was 2 and there was no other option pop into my head except KIA when I have to decide where I’m going to after graduation from elementary school. It is because I had a very joyful school life throughout the 6 years I’ve been in the elementary school. 
(Just a sidetrack.) When I was in G1, the campus was at Higashi-osaka and I have to spend 2 hours for commuting every school day. But I loved the very homy campus with a small number of students at that time.
When I turned to G2, the campus moved to the current Kobe campus and I remember how surprised I was when I found the new campus with playground I can play soccer on and facilities like cafeteria we have on campus.

KIA has many interesting events and classes that rarely seen from other schools. On Sports Day where everyone are in their house team to fight for champion, as a house leader, it was a great chance for me to get to know house members from different grades.
At the popular event, KIA Festival and Summer Party, everyone enjoyed so much of the game booths, food stalls and many more. And at the largest event of the year, Winter Celebration, everyone gets together and put up an amazing musical performance every year.
There are also some other unforgettable memories like speech contest, which everyone has to deliver a speech; and open day for parents, which we all tried hard to show our best to parents.

But the happiest memory for me is the graduation trip. There is nothing better than traveling with friends who you spent the whole elementary school life with. For the toughest time I would say is the PYP exhibition, it was a never ending inquiry learning process to me. However, I felt the sense of achievement and I was able to affirm the learnings I gathered throughout the inquiry process when I try to present them to the visitors on the day of exhibition in my language.

I am definitely not a person who is good at being active and comfortable standing in front of people. However, experience of being a house leader and acting at winter celebration helped me to gain confident. KIA puts a spotlight on each individual, accepting everyone being different and even encouraging us to bring out our personality. 
I am expecting even more when I go to the junior high school the coming academic year. I am looking forward to all those new experience like horseback riding, robotics programming and many interesting classes. I am very thankful to my parent, teachers and everyone from KIA for creating such a fruitful elementary school life for me. I can’t wait to start my life at the junior high school!