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PYP exhibition is my most unforgettable memory from the elementary school life. It reflects what we have learnt in the 6-year school and serves as a result sharing of how we execute inquiry learning with our own effort.

To start with, we have to decide the subject for inquiry. However, it was not an easy task for me as I have too many interests that I couldn’t pick one. And it followed with another problem when I started researching after I finally tried to pick a topic. By just 1 month before the exhibition, I finally confirmed my topic with the help from my mentor and homeroom teacher. The researching work has finally begun by that time.

This researching process was the very tough part of the exhibition. I found it difficult to come up with ‘Inquiry question’ for information collection. The ‘Inquiry question’ I wrote was not very effective in getting useful information for the exhibition. I tried my utmost effort ever kept thinking for an effective way to collect useful information.

Action is a very important part of the exhibition. My action was a public fundraising as I want to extend my message outside school. 

Before the actual fundraising, I thought I could attract many people by holding a fundraising box on the street and express myself loudly. And I expected at 15 people would participate in my fundraising within an hour. However, I was too naive. There were a lot people passing by but most of them avoided looking at me and there were only 3 people actually donated. And I don’t think these 3 people were moved by what I’m trying to convey but being sympathetic about me, a elementary school, standing on the street for fundraising which I felt frustrating.

However, this experience built my confident by bring up the courage to overcome my fear and to speak aloud in front of people I don’t know.

Finally I managed to present my exhibition by combining the effort on research and action. I received many question on my presentation and was able to communicate with many people on this chance. I’m glad to be able to deliver my message to many people through exhibition.

The exhibition was tough but a very nice life-time experience for me.