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Time flies and I have already graduated from KIA. There are a lot of happy memories I created at this school like the KIA Festival, Sports Day, Winter Celebration, Halloween, Graduation Trip, and many more. The most unforgettable one I would say was the 3-week study abroad to New Zealand.
I was quite worried about staying with the homestay family for 3 weeks by myself. During that time I hd to do housework like cleaning and laundry by myself and new challenges were waiting for me everyday.
However, I really enjoyed countryside and nature in New Zealand which is totally different from Japan. I still remember the good times I spent playing on the beach with the children from the homestay family everyday after school. It was quite challenging to break the ice with the homestay family at first, as I was very nervous. But we finally got to know each other well by spending time talking to each other. I consider the experience of studying abroad in New Zealand a great opportunity for my growth and becoming more independent.


The importance of communication is one of the things that I believe I would never be able to learn outside KIA. With the feature of small class teaching at KIA, I felt how important to communicate with people. Each classmates in my class has their own personality and it turns to argument sometimes when everyone insist on their own opinion as we find it not easy to always pay respect to different opinion. But all those arguments turned to good memories now when I reflect. 
For the learning experience I impressed most is UOI exhibition. I felt embarrassed and nervous speaking in front of the crowd. But I got used to it after many times of practices and I finally managed to express myself with confident. 
As the biggest event that draws an end to our last year in KIA, it was not easy for us to put all together the effort on researching, creating and distributing survey to teachers and digest all the information collected and present them in our own language. Through this learning experience, I realised how people think differently as an individual with their own identity. 

The thing that I enjoyed the most at KIA is all about the friends and teachers I met here. I have been in a class with a lot of laughters and everyone was supportive. When I was struggling on my way to go after graduation, my teachers were always be there to discuss and listen to me which was really helpful on my decision making. Thanks to the teachers, I had a very joyful school life during my time in KIA. I will treasure what I have learnt in KIA even I am not here anymore! Thank you KIA!