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Kindergarten Summer School 2022

Summer School Overview


July 11th (Mon) - August 19th (Fri)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and Summer Holidays (8/8-8/12)

Teachers Two teachers per class: 
One international teacher
One Japanese teacher

Enrollment Eligibility

Preschool-aged children (3 to 6) 
Grade 1 students (KIA graduates and Advanced Class students only) can join the K3 class
The Hirakata campus offers Summer school for first and second year primary school students. Non-graduates and advanced students are also welcome to attend.


20 students per class

Time Short course: 10:00-14:00
Long course: 8:00-18:00
Number of Days of Participation

Please apply for the days you wish to participate (from 4 days minimum to a maximum of 24 days).
We will have a summer party on the last day (8/19).

  • We provide school lunches for an additional fee. We do not provide school lunches for students with food allergies for schools in the Kanto area.

  • lease contact the nearest campus to apply for the 2022 Summer School Program.


Week 1

Sharing the Ocean!

In the first week of Summer School, students will learn about the amazing variety of life beneath the Earth’s oceans. Students will explore the relationship between humans and this important ecosystem, inquiring into the impact people have on sea life and the ways that we can take action to protect and restore the world’s oceans for future generations.

Week 2

Art in Action!

In the second week of Summer School, students will explore art as an active and creative process. In addition to learning about the basic elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, form and space), they will engage in art projects that are child-directed, choice-driven, and focused on the creation of the artwork, not just the outcome. Students will have an opportunity to express themselves through a variety of art forms, including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture. 

Week 3

Around the World in Six Days!

In the third week of Summer School, students will go on a worldwide tour, learning about some of the different languages, clothes, games, songs, and traditions of people in different parts of the world. One of the goals of this theme is to help promote intercultural understanding and respect as essential parts of life in the 21st century.  

Week 4

Fun with Science!

In the last theme of Summer School, students will learn about the process of scientific inquiry through a variety of fun, hands-on science projects and experiments. Students will use their imagination to ask and answer questions about the world around them, make and record scientific observations, and draw conclusions based on these observations. 


  • Please note that the schedule may vary slightly depending on the class.
  • All classes are conducted in English.

Circle Time

This is a time for children to learn months of the year, days of the week, greetings, theme-related songs, phonics and more. It is also an opportunity for children to express themselves and communicate with their teachers. 

Morning Activity

Morning activities are always a fun time for children to sing songs related to themes, move their bodies and play games, and also participate in drama (practicing performing). Also, it is a time for children to engage in a variety of hands-on learning experiences, such as craft, art, and scientific experiments. 

Afternoon Activity

Afternoon activities include listening to the homeroom teacher reading books aloud, singing songs and dancing together. 

Closing Circle time

The day ends with a closing circle time, reviewing what children have learnt throughout the day. 

Indoor play / outdoor play

We have various areas for children to play in the afternoon. 
For indoor play, children are free to choose from Lego blocks, coloring, origami, puzzles, picture books, small world play, and more. This is an opportunity for children to interact with friends in different age groups and with different teachers. For outside play, children can run in the playground, play in the sandpit, play physical games and dance with their friends and teachers. 


Course and Lesson Fees

Course and Lesson Fees

  HigashiOsaka, Ashiya, Kobe, Hirakata, Akashi, Kyoto, Himeji, Tennoji, YokohamaAoba Bunkyo, Chiyoda, Azabu, Nihombashi
Additional day ¥6,400 ¥8,000
4 days ¥22,600 ¥29,000
8 days ¥45,200 ¥58,000
12 days ¥61,000 ¥84,400
16 days ¥80,000 ¥112,500
20 days ¥93,800 ¥136,300
24 days ¥106,900 ¥163,600

Long Course(8:00-18:00)

  HigashiOsaka, Ashiya, Kobe, Hirakata, Akashi, Kyoto, Himeji, Tennoji, YokohamaAoba Bunkyo, Chiyoda, Azabu, Nihombashi
Additional day ¥9,100 ¥12,800
4 days ¥31,900 ¥46,900
8 days ¥58,600 ¥89,500
12 days ¥79,700 ¥127,800
16 days ¥93,800 ¥161,900
20 days ¥107,800 ¥191,700
24 days ¥128,900 ¥204,500


School Lunch Fee

  Hirakata, Akashi, Kyoto, Himeji Kobe HigashiOsaka, Ashiya, Tennooji Bunkyo, Chiyoda, Azabu, Nihombashi, YokohamaAoba
Additional day ¥480 ¥525 ¥530 ¥600
4 days ¥1,920 ¥2,100


8 days ¥3,840 ¥4,200 ¥4,240 ¥4,800
12 days ¥5,760 ¥6,300 ¥6,360 ¥7,200
16 days ¥7,680 ¥8,400 ¥8,480 ¥9,600
20 days ¥9,600 ¥10,500 ¥10,600 ¥12,000
24 days ¥11,520 ¥12,600 ¥12,720 ¥14,400



Insurance fee (for all courses) ¥300
Summer school registration fee: ¥15,000
Registration is free of charge when applying together with siblings/ friends.

Registration is free of charge if you apply within one week of your inquiry at each campus.

Rental futon
July: ¥2,600 August: ¥2,600
*Tennoji Lucias campus will provide a rental nap cot (¥2,000) instead of a rental futon. All K1 students (3- to 4-year-old class) who apply for the long course are required to pay the above amount. 

*An insurance fee (¥300) is charged for all summer school applicants. 
*No refunds or make-up classes will be provided in the case of absences, school closure due to weather alerts, etc.



How to Apply

KIA students

We will start accepting applications from Wednesday, April 27th.
 Application forms will be sent out from your child’s campus.

Non-KIA students

1. Application

Please fill in the form below for an application. 

Application Form  »
*Applications will be closed when the class capacity is reached. We will contact you in that case. 

2. Registration Form

We will send you a registration form from your desired campus. 
Please read the admission rules and submit the form. 

Summer school admission rules(Kansai)   »

3. Payment

After registration, we will send you details to your registered email address. For payment, please follow the link in the details. Credit cards and convenience store payment are available. Enrollment will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. 

4. Coming to school

Please download the following health check card and fill in the details. Please bring it with you when you come to school. 

Health Check Card  »

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