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Secondary School
TeacherAcademic Vice Principal
MYP Coordinator

Solene Matsushita


#01 Reasons for application

I would like to grow professionally

I was looking for a school where I could grow professionally and I could collaborate with a team of motivated teachers.

#02 Rewarding

New challenges to tackle

The most satisfying aspect of working at KIA is that there are always new challenges to tackle such as building a new campus, a new department or supporting the school to become an IBDP school so you have to learn constantly and reflect on your teaching practices. Officially becoming an IBDP candidate school was also rewarding. The team worked so hard to reach that result as we believe DP will be a great program for our students.

#03 Unique

Built strong relationships

I have been working at KIA for about 8 years and I have built strong relationships with some of my co-workers. I also feel free to express my ideas with the team and I enjoy learning from them. I have been in Japan for a long time so I feel very comfortable here. KIA is extremely international and I feel lucky to meet people from so many different countries on a daily basis.

#04 Relationship

Implement our ideas

KIA is extremely unique because every teacher has the possibility to implement their ideas when the school director and head teachers see the benefit for our students. Therefore, even as a new teacher you can suggest ideas that might become part of our school curriculum and overall practice.

#04 Message

Keep learning as a teacher

I think KIA is not for everyone but if you are willing to keep learning as a teacher and to contribute to our school curriculum and environment, it could be the right school for you.