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Executive Head Teacher

Yuki Miyamoto


#01 Reasons for application

International school that doesn’t only teach Englishル

There are many other international schools, however I was attracted to the fact KIA put focus on mother tongue language (Japanese) to form children’s identity.
I myself, studied everything in English except “Japanese” (subject) and I studied in both English and Japanese at university. I got to experience learning different cultures and values through language, and was able to research on a wide perspective at my graduate school. It was not enough with simplicity, which then I found KIA, and was attracted by its unique environment.

#02 Rewarding 

Dream is to become a “teacher” a rewarding compliments from children

To be able to see children have fun, is the most rewarding moment. 
It is a pleasure to see children overcoming their challenges, when they challenge themselves, when they come up with interesting ideas,  and when they are excited to share their feelings with us. Also, when I heard students saying their dream is to become not only a teacher, but a KIA teacher, I felt grateful for working here. 

#03 Unique

Comfortableness of discussing

KIA as a whole is challenging itself at all times to make its place better. Every year, we update things through curriculums and staff training. Students are learning in a changing system. KIA students are always brave to challenge themselves in new things, which I get taught from. The year I moved from kindergarten to elementary, and  moving back to kindergarten from elementary this year, the reason why I can challenge myself in a new working environment is because I’ve seen many children do the same. 

#04 Relationship

Structuring education reflecting on staffs uniqueness

We want to make an environment where children can enjoy even more. We Constantly think of how we can approach students to develop their independence, empathy, and ability to think. As a part of it, and as a kindergarten Japanese staff and Japanese subject leader, I would like to structure education by reflecting on the staff's uniqueness.  

#05 Message 

Raising leaders, will support to change Japan

KIA school philosophy states “to nurture future world leaders”, which is also my own goal. It is a big dream, however, the moment we spend with children leads to the future, and they are gaining skills to live in an international society everyday, which will become a hope to change the nation. To have an open-mind to accept different perspectives as they keep their Japanese aspect at the same time. This is what I hope for children.