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Executive Head Teacher

Tracy Wong

#01 Reasons for application 

When I first came here, I was quite shocked with the English education offered in Japan. The percentage of students who emerge with actual English abilities are surprisingly low. I basically speak five languages myself and was raised bilingual in my country. I wanted to work for a school that offers to teach both languages in English and Japanese. At that time there were not much international school that offers Japanese lesson. Then I found “KIA” that offers both English and Japanese lessons. In 2007, I was given this opportunity to part of the faculty and happy to be the continuing part of the growing KIA Family.

#02 Rewarding

Our school is a very engaging place to work. I have gone through some challenges as I grow with the school but, Ms. Nakamura and my seniors have always inspired me as a leader and recognized my efforts and hard work. For this reason, I have been in the company for 11 years now. Everyday is a new adventure and I am proud to be a part of this faculty.

#03 Unique 

I am in my eleventh year here and I have lost count on how many students I have taught over the years. But I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching many wonderful children and met many wonderful parents. It’ s feels great when every single parent who recognizes me, stops me on the street to say “Hello” . I really enjoy listening to the parents and finding out how my former students are doing. Just a few months ago, My former student who is now 13, almost a head taller than me volunteered as an intern. She was here for a week helping my class and my little ones. It is truly a rewarding experience watching the children grow and flourished and it’ s one of the best part of my job.

#04 Message 

I believe every single one of us is unique and has great potential. We are all capable and responsible to get involved in trying to make a difference for our future generations. If you feel and believe that you are the person who can make a difference in education and love to be with children, come join us now and grow with us. There is so much room to grow!!!