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ELC & Kindergarten
Campus Manager

Haruna Matsui


#01 Reasons for application

What matters the most, is to provide an environment filled with children’s smiles. 

Managers are responsible for running the campus, therefore as a manager we are expected to manage students and to support parents, to deliver information about ourselves towards the outside community, to take care of our visitors and more, however, what we matter the most is to provide a safe and healthy environment for children. 
We communicate with parents a lot about their child(ren), by hearing their concerns and advising them based on our experiences looking after many children. Also, we communicate with all the teachers on a daily basis, sometimes with casual talks, to make sure we can all freely share our thoughts at anytimes. Especially for international staff, because they work outside of their home country, we support house-hunting and we take them to hospitals when necessary to ensure they feel safe. 
We believe having staff enjoying themselves, leads to a natural occurrence of childrens’ happiness.

#02 Rewarding

When my strength supports someone else

It is all about being able to watch children’s smiley faces, to watch children having fun learning, and watch children grow. 
It is a pleasure to receive letters from parents saying “thank you for your advice, it helped us so much” as we look back at our students’ growth at their graduation, and that is the moment I am grateful for working here. 
In addition, it makes me feel grateful when seeing visitors actually entering, and having visitors understand us and what we offer. 

#03 Unique 

Strength developed besides learning

I went to a university abroad, and that time, I was impressed by international students having their voice and with their presentation skills. Japanese students cannot overcome these. 
They all have different opinions, leading to many discussions. Why is it so different from Japanese? That is because they are taught to talk in front of people at their young age. The Japanese education, having few opportunities to talk in front of people and copying exactly what is written on the board won’t make up for their education, and that is when I realised how education is very important at a very young age.

Many international schools focus on English skills. Meanwhile, KIA is different from many other schools, teaching presentation and discussion skills in English, and providing an environment for students to learn skills they would need in the future. I am grateful for being able to see children grow. 

#04 Relationship

A family, who we go through difficulties together

I joined KIA as a freshman. My first work after my graduation as a part of society. I had mixed feelings of expectations and anxiety, and I was desperate. I was immature, not knowing a lot of things. However, including the Founder, and many senior managers, they have welcomed me with warmth, supported me, and I still remember how those made me realise how fun it is to work and to be involved in society. 

We have Area Managers in each area, who support us and who think with us to resolve a problem. Of course we talk about work, but I sometimes go to them with personal things. They support me when I’m feeling emotional, we sometimes laugh together as well, and I am being taught a lot everyday. 

#05 Message 

To have many children as possible acquiring skills to change Japan

We all know that children are good at learning fast. 
However, many parents are easily missing out on a period of time where we can bring out childrens’ knowledge at most. I greet many parents throughout the year, and everytime I see parents missing out, I feel sad. 

Although parents are accustomed to new changes, still Japanese education hasn’t changed enough to raise people who can change the country to a better place. KIA is ahead of Japanese education. My dream and my goal is to have parents understand us and let their child(ren) join KIA, which offers curriculums that other schools don’t have and cannot have.